Trusted BitCoin Casinos

When you are going to play online you want to make sure it’s a trusted bitcoin casino that you sign up with. Since it’s a fairly new thing to play with casino with bitcoins there is definitely more unserious casino companies in the market now. There is however many different companies you can feel comfortable with as well.

From a bitcoin perspective we could put the bitcasino rooms in two categories. There is bitcoin casino´s that only deal with the bitcoin currency and then there are also casino rooms that handle multiple currencies.

BitcointrustFor a casino that only handles bitcoin there is more reason to have some concern regarding the legitimacy of the company. With this said of course there is many very great “pure” bitcoin casino rooms as well but they will not have a long lasting history as some of the others though. This will of course make it harder to find reviews and information about these casino rooms. Words travel fast these days though, so even in this case you can probably find information on reviews sites as this or maybe in some forums.

For the casino rooms that deal with both regular currencies and bitcoins there might be a chance that they have been in the online casino business for many years. It will then be easier to look at their old history and from that make up then mind if they could be trusted or not.

The conclusion regarding if you can trust a bitcoin casino or not will change a lot from case to case. The best way for you as a player to find the legit bitcoin casino´s is simply to make sure that you read about the casino before you start playing there. We are going to make sure that we only add casino rooms with good reputation to this site.