BitCoin Blackjack

Check out our updated guide for playing blackjack online, with bitcoins. There are several casino rooms out there with blackjack tables. But just a few that are accepting bitcoins. And even fewer that are regulated and with proper licenses. Check out our Trusted Bitcoin Casino for more information about licensed and regulated casinos.

The short basics of blackjack

Blackjack is a game of skill and luck. Basically your goal is to win against the bank, in this case the casino, by hitting better cards than the bank. There are several combinations of blackjack, but the basics are still the same. Get as close to twenty one as possible or hit two cards that adds up to twenty one (blackjack), without getting higher than twenty one. If you hit twenty two or above you will automatically lose. If you get closer to twenty one than the bank or the bank goes bust by getting cards higher in value of twenty one, you win.

Three Blackjack Bitcoin Tips

1. Use common bankroll sense
Even if you have plenty of bitcoins to go around, you will need to limit your play. You don’t want to put your hard earn bitcoins in jeopardy and in the hands of the casino. Always play within a budget. The most serious blackjack players has this as the cardinal rule. And so should you.

2. Learn a strategy and stick to it
This guide is about where to play blackjack with bitcoins. There are others that are much better at explaining blackjack strategies. Learn one and stick to it. The better you know your blackjack odds, the better are your chances to capitalize when the odds are in your favor.

3. Be like Buddha. Don’t Tilt
Emotions usually are usually fantastic in the right circumstances. But when playing blackjack both live and online, you want to stay composed and be able to do the right decisions. Otherwise you might end kissing your bitcoins away.